Public Works

Rocky Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation

As part of the design team, KTI provided drilling, laboratory testing, geotechnical engineering services and construction consultation services for a wastewater treatment plant expansion. A significant component of this project involved the design of aeration and clarifier basin underlain by approximately 20-feet of highly compressible clay. As a result of the KTI evaluation, a foundation treatment approach that did not depend of the use of a deep foundation system was developed. This approach consisted of a preloading fill and “wick drains” that ultimately provided a cost saving approach to the basin foundations.

Kill Creek Water Treatment Plant

KTI provided materials testing and inspection for this project in northwest Gardner, Kansas. The 2.5 MGD Kill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was honored by the Kansas Water Environment Association with a Class 4 Wastewater Treatment Award for 2004. The plant, completed late in 2002, uses a unique mix of the latest wastewater treatment technologies. KTI performed testing of concrete including both cylinder and core compressive strength tests.

Kansas City WWTP Concrete Rehabilitation

KTI inspected and tested concrete surfaces of settling basins, flumes and sidewalks to analyze their deterioration at the Kansas City, Missouri Water Treatment Plant constructed in 1925. KTI’s services included core drilling, compressive strength tests, and petrographic analysis. During the construction phase, KTI performed materials testing and Special Inspection services including inspection of reinforcing steel placement, reinforced concrete placement and testing of reinforced concrete. The project involved rehabilitating the concrete basins and flumes.

Replacement of Final Clarifiers Westside WWTP

KTI provided Resident Inspection services for the Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project consisted of the emergency replacement of the final clarifier. KTI’s Special Inspections included verifying primer thickness on catwalks and other miscellaneous steel structures, inspection of concrete placement and observation of foam block placement in basins.

Public Works

Public Works are the utilities you use every day, and range from water and sewer to natural gas and electricity. The majority of KTI's experience in the public works arena has been with water treatment plants (WTPs). Because of their unique design and crucial function, the importance of timely and accurate quality reporting during the construction phase is critical to the success of the project.